2020 has an impressive network of associates and partners who we draw upon when we need to meet specialist client needs.

Howard Bowden

Howard Bowden

Journalist, PR/media consultant and content distribution

PR: He works extensively across London PR and helps us to generate extensive business and consumer media coverage of events and video content.

Media Training: for all journalist interaction- from phone chats to live TV and how to turn a client’s message into a story that can work for whatever a journalist asks.

Content distribution: content, news and story creation; a powerful network of contacts across national media; extensive development work on creating a “formula for news”.

Paul Phillips

Storytelling consultant

Previously Executive Producer of Sky News and Editor on the BBC’s News Channel and a director of news and sports programmes. Also a senior trainer at the BBC’s College of Journalism. Paul now works as a TV and Journalism consultant, on major consultancy projects with broadcasters and governments all over the world.

Dean Arnett

Dean Arnett

Award winning documentary film-maker and trainer

Has worked all over the world, most notably for the BBC and Discovery. He is also an award winning media trainer, designing and delivering film and editing courses for video-journalists, self-shoot producers and companies.

Ben Potter

ClickOn – Content distribution and native Advertising

Three years ago 2020 set up ClickOn. This is now a thriving independent business with a fast growing portfolio of sports-based online brands cover golf, football and motor-racing.

Ben, founder and Creative Director of ClickOn has developed a deep insight into how to distribute media content through social channels to drive audiences to online platforms and brands.