About Us


2020 Media is part of the Channel 2020 Ltd group of companies that was set up in 1991 by Rob Potter. 2020 is an integrated project production and consultancy agency for a range of creative video, TV and online services.

Our full-time team includes communications consultants, producers, directors, writers, designers and logistics experts- as well as a high-calibre integrated team of technical production staff including camera-people, editors, animators, sound technicians, graphic designers, web developers, social media and content distributors.

Our reputation has grown primarily around our commitment to giving clients added value by encouraging the creative exploitation of media assets across a wide range of platforms- social media, websites, intranet sites, interactive presentations, TV, video, conferences, sales presentations, trade shows, interactive TV, advertising, b-rolls, press kits etc.

Pushing boundaries…

creating new insights


2020 Media has been around a long time and we’ve re-invented ourselves many times to stay ahead in the media communications game. We’ve enjoyed working with over a thousand clients on a wide range of video, TV and online TV projects.

With a client portfolio to die for around the world, we have been lucky with so many clients allowing us to experiment with and pioneer leading edge styles, technologies, TV formats, storytelling methods, interactivity, campaigns and methods of distribution.

So what are we about? Pushing the boundaries, innovating and truly helping our clients to achieve a communications edge, gets us excited. But what matters most is that we get the results our clients want. Our world has become bewildered by information overload, uncertainty and confusion. Never has it been so important to turn complexity into relevant, engaging and understandable simplicity. That’s what 2020 do, through the content we develop across the world.

And we carefully measure our results so that our clients and 2020 can learn, re-focus and work tirelessly to always improve. But don’t just take our word for it – read the testimonials of our clients. We don’t hype up what we can offer. We prefer honesty and integrity – especially in terms of the costs and the way we work. Then we leave our work to speak for itself.

Since the days we were Channel 2020, it’s been a long, exciting and inspiring story. We hope we can make a significant contribution in your future stories.

 2020 Philosophy


  • To build open and honest relationships with clients and fully understand their needs and expectations
  • To make video and online learning communications engaging, inspiring and easily understandable
  • To make sure we have the people and technology to give the most imaginative solutions
  • To ensure our work is memorable and distinctive (often through inspiring emotion)
  • To maintain the highest production standards
  • To ensure that video and interactive packages are useable for across different viewing platforms (where relevant)
  • To get tangible results- and the best return for our clients’ investment
  • To add value to clients’ branding, products or services
  • To plan effectively- to minimise waste and maximise value
  • We don’t hard sell- we let our work speak for itself
  • To be forward thinking with a passion for our work and the people we work with