Video Training and Distribution

Alongside 2020’s video production services, our Media Services team offer our clients creative, strategic content distribution and training services – relevant to the communications needs of forward thinking organisations.

Follow the three categories below and discover how 2020 can help change the way that organisations engage with their audiences.




Most companies now appreciate the value of creating and sharing brand stories rather than trying to sell a brand, product or service through promotional content. Though managed campaigns, workshops or creative and strategic advice, we help organisations to drive greater connectivity and engagement through branded storytelling.

The end result is greater brand awareness, trust, loyalty and more memorable and impactful content that inspires, engages and influences target audiences to feel part of a brand community.

  • Developing stories
  • Overseeing content creation
  • Managing content distribution
  • Analytics and feedback
  • Training & advice for in-house teams
  • Coordination of third-party partners
  • Development of story ideas
  • Outlining campaign components
  • Turning a story into a campaign
  • How to reach a target audience
  • Building loyal brand communities
  • Assessing campaign performance
  • Creating and testing storylines
  • Choosing how to share/distribute stories
  • How to tell stories via video
  • Smart phone video tuition for in-house teams
  • Managing content and distribution
  • Creating storytelling presentations

Video Training

2020 Media Services offers a comprehensive programme of training options. Our unique combination of trainers have worked at a very senior level within broadcast organisations (e.g. BBC, Sky), press and publishing, production agencies and social media/distribution agencies.

Our courses are focused on helping organisations meet the challenges of brand storytelling, content production, media facing interviews and presentation techniques.

Call us about setting up tailored courses to meet your organisation’s needs.

1-2 day training courses are offered in
the following areas:

  • What is Branded Storytelling? How it works?
  • Storytelling- campaign workshops
  • Storytelling- presentation workshops
  • Using smart phones and apps to create in-house video stories
  • Specialist in-house editing and After-FX
  • Strategies in social media and content distribution
  • Storytelling for journalists: from print to video
  • Managing storytelling content production in-house

Content Distribution

The most important part of any campaign is making sure it reaches your target audience. The finest, most powerful and engaging content will have no value without an effective distribution strategy in place. 2020’s Media Services team will ensure our clients cost effectively use a mix distribution tools, platforms and services.

Content distribution is a fast-changing landscape that needs careful consideration. The 2020 Media Services team has the expertise you need to navigate through this noisy and overcrowded landscape effectively.

  • Target audience segmentation
  • Social media
  • Microsites and web TV
  • Native advertising
  • Influencers
  • Online press/publishers
  • TV advertising/sponsorship
  • E-mails and newsletters
  • Events
  • Presentations