Make A Big Impression

A lot of time and expense goes into creating an event. That’s why at 2020, our event opening videos, creative presentations, online invites, post event highlights packages and digital press packs are designed to make a “big” impression.

Video is a perfect way to reinforce event messages…

…especially when they are mixed in with the event highlights as a closing video. This requires an efficient and rapid production turnaround- often requiring overnight editing and last minute updates. But they are a powerful way of expressing just how valuable and enjoyable an event has been.

Lenovo Connect*

DHL Innovation Day – Challenge The Future

Microsoft Windows 10 launch*

BT Internet of Things*

Go Ahead – Event*

DHL Conference

Syngenta – Winning Together

BT Inventors Day Event*

Capita Events & Travel – Road Transport

Pros Outperform 2014

*Work completed with 3Monkeys Zeno