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Our media agency services

Our experienced video production crew will tailor each media service to your particular requirements. Every client and project can require very different video production services and we are happy to create bespoke cost-effective packages.

2020 offers a full range of video production services from 2D & 3D animation and graphics to video content strategies and the latest in 360 and VR video immersive and interactive experiences.

Video Content Strategy - what needs to be produced and why?

Video is a powerful content medium for storytelling, and can have a big impact on the success of your promotional campaigns and content marketing efforts. It also serves as an effective way to connect with people and build a much stronger and deeper relationship between you and your target audience. The goal of your video marketing strategy should be to educate, entertain, and inspire your viewers – this is the content that gets shared and remembered.

Creative Video Development - ideas, scripting, storyboarding, visualising

We have a highly creative in-house team to help you develop your own ideas, or we can create video concept ideas from scratch. We live and breath video so are ideally placed to help you come up with refreshing new ideas that will set your video apart from the rest. We enjoy writing and developing engaging scripts for all types of videos. We help visualise ideas through scripting & story-boarding to ensure you understand a wide range of concepts.

2D & 3D Animation - motion graphics, graphic styling, visualisations, explainers and immersive

Our expert team of animators can create bespoke animation which is inventive, bold and unforgettable. Our motion graphics, and graphic styling enables you to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We have the talent to create a whole range of animated styles and video types, from visualisations to explainers.

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Live Streaming - Virtual events & corporate communications, webcasts & microsites

Live Streaming and webcasts are part of 2020’s key services and we are confident we can help you connect with your audience wherever they are. We understand how important your conference or event is so we only send highly experienced and friendly crews, trained with the very latest live streaming equipment. You can rely on us: we’ve streamed some of the world’s biggest brands.

Video Filming - single and multi-camera, HD / 4K / 8K, lighting, sound, gibs, tracks and gimbals

We use the latest highest-end, professional equipment to deliver video that looks and sounds incredible. We shoot with single and multi-use cameras in HD, 4K all the way up to 8k, with a selection of zoom and prime lenses. For camera movement and stabilization we use gimbals, tracks and dollies. Our lighting kits have the capacity to illuminate everything from a small interview to large spaces with top end kit from leading lighting manufacturers.

Drone Filming - certification, planning and approvals

Drone films can give you creative freedom – strengthening brands. It might sound a bit obvious, but aerial footage gives audiences a view of your world that they would never normally get. Showing off the size of your premises, the wonderful surrounding you work in. It’s cinematic, exciting and can give even the most simple of buildings or objects the ‘wow’ factor. With drones becoming safer, more reliable and now being able to shoot in awesome 4K resolution video, they are used much more widely in the video production industry. We are fully licensed and qualified to CAA requirements.

360 and VR video - immersive and interactive experiences

Building fully immersive experience for your viewer can be used to extraordinary effect when offering your viewer expansive views or virtual tours of a landscape. VR provides the opportunity for your company and your brand to inform, educate, engage, and excite your customers and employees through virtual reality experiences. We can create cutting-edge 360 and VR video to impress your customers and strengthen your brand.

Video Editing - multi-standards, formats, grading

Video Editing combines traditional storytelling and technical problem solving. Our professional editors have an instinct for narrative and the ability to extract a desired emotion, impact or message. Our editors will cut and splice your videos into shape. They’ll colour grade them so they’ll look great on any screen. Videos will be delivered on any format you require and can be reformatted for social media.

Sound and Music - sound effects, music libraries, licensing, voice-overs

Sound design is an integral part of quality film and video. We employ the finest sound design techniques to enhance the viewer experience. We source the most effective music from the best stocked music libraries to fully enhance your videos. We deal with all music licensing so you don’t have to. We can professionally record voices in-house or can source a variety of voices depending on the project. We will find the perfect voice for your business, product or service. Our voices will deliver powerful messaging and the right emotion for your video.

Content Distribution - online social, press and PPC campaigns

The most important part of any campaign is making sure it reaches your target audience. The finest, most powerful and engaging content will have no value without an effective distribution strategy in place. 2020’s team will ensure our clients cost effectively use a mix distribution tools, platforms and services.Our social media expert will ensure your video is seen across multiple social media platforms. Many of our campaigns have gained thousands of views and clicks.

Preparation for Video Production - planning, logistics, recces, approvals, rehearsals, scheduling

We will prepare all of the elements required for your production such as crew, technical equipment, and the schedule for filming. We can also help to source locations, arrange voice-overs or actors, and advise on aspects such as permissions and release matters relating to your requirements. We also assist you with all the post-production work such as editing or motion graphics that may be required and all amends as agreed, throughout the process.