Videos for Business Communications

Businesses use video in so many different ways for different audiences

2020 Media has a long reputation for producing videos of all types to leading national and international companies.

We couple our expertise of producing high quality video or TV content with our deep understanding of the audiences our clients want to reach.

Our videos cover many subjects. Here’s just a few: products and service benefits, achievements, thought-leadership, visions and journeys, aspirations, brand stories, effects of lives and communities, business propositions and opportunities, case-studies, the working culture, training and development, health and safety…

Whether the tone is promotional, informational, fun, challenging or inspiring, the aim wherever possible is to communicate with clarity, precision, purpose, engagement and emotion.

Our Video Services Reaching your Audience

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Video for business- the possibilities are endless

Clients use our content for so many audiences: to engage with clients or consumers; to inspire or train employees; to drive the support of stakeholders, shareholders and funding agencies; to win the hearts of the media, influencers and different interest and community groups.

  • Visionary videos- company visions, core values, inspirational ways to reach customers through new technologies, exciting insights for next year at events, shows and presentations
  • Native advertising- creating paid ads that match the visual design and are in line with the user experience of the media format of where they are placed- e.g., in social media feeds or content that is recommended on a webpage
  • PR and brand storytelling videos- about your company, products or services; or big industry or topical issues for sharing and debate
  • Sponsored bite-sized documentaries- that relate to the culture, products or services of your organisation, but have valuable and engaging insights for your target audience
  • Thought leadership videos- raising your profile as being ahead of the game via live, recorded or interactive content
  • Social media videos- informal and bite-sized content that engages with your audiences via: emotion, offering something valuable, clear and useful information, inspiration, telling compelling stories, surprise, provocation, humour, making it personal and relevant, being unusual and making it topical
  • Online video and TV advertising- brand or direct response advertising of products and services
  • Product overview videos- engaging practical and informational guides to products
  • Product feature videos- product stories, filed case studies, client testimonials
  • Inspirational product teaser videos- aimed at customers where a valuable insight or benefit promo teaser links the audience to further information on a website
  • Competition or interactive game video- driving clients to interact via a fun video interface to lead them to a more serious selling proposition
  • Meet the team videos- showing the ethos of a working environment by showing a fun introduction to the team and working practices
  • Team building videos- case studies of successful employee practice, initiatives and campaigns; recorded or live strategy presentation videos; motivational insights about the company; in-house magazine videos
  • In-house training videos- e.g., induction videos, health and safety, policies and processes, working culture, core values, how we want customers to see us, skills training
  • ‘How to’ or explainer videos- e.g., harnessing digital communications, product or process guides
  • Animated infographics- e.g., revealing stats and key information in an easily understandable and engaging manner
  • Product science videos- Animated science videos reveal the hidden wonders of a product; proof of concept; seeing is believing
  • Procurement tender videos- precise, impactful and engaging videos can count more than detailed tender documents to win contracts
  • Award submission videos- as many of our clients will know, they are critical to winning awards
  • Client testimonial videos- it’s amazing what clients say about your company when you put a camera in front of them… don’t miss out on the best possible kind of selling
  • Innovation videos- capturing your clients’ reactions at company innovation presentation days can become a powerful means of positive communication
  • Recruitment videos- there’s nothing like video to persuade the best people to work for you
  • Annual sales review videos- replace dull slide presentations with upbeat animated information, reviews, comments and music
  • Drone surveillance videos- presenting premises, properties, fields & landscapes, large products, animal behaviour and time-lapsed scenes always tends to look more impressive from moving aerial cameras
  • Product/brand survey videos- getting invaluable feedback on what people say about your products, brands and company as a whole can be critical to devising new communications strategies
  • Annual overview videos- nothing beats video to elevate the impact of success to staff, stakeholders, shareholders or customers
  • Social responsibility videos- using video stories to show how much you care about communities, the environment and local matters can have a big influence on how customers, the media, potential employees and people at large support your company
  • PR highlights videos- i.e., sizzle reels- a great too for presentations
  • Event review videos- presenting delegates with a video of an event they attended can provide an important reminder to reinforce the key messages you invested so much time and money in
  • Customer relationship videos- showing how the success of your company’s collaboration with your client has helped them stay ahead of the game, i.e., a win win solution