TV & Online Advertising

TV and online selling for a changing world

2020 Media has been producing TV ads and sponsorship idents for TV programmes for over 20 years. Whether for UK or overseas audiences, we work to a wide range of different budgets to produce both brand and direct-response advertising

Either alternatively or in support of TV exposure, we can develop and re-version content for online advertising. The growing trend towards online advertising with its effective monitoring of audience interaction has re-shaped the advertising industry.

TV Ads and Sponsorship Videos

We cover full design development, trials, production and clearance. Our expertise in knowing what our clients can get away with in both TV ads and sponsorship has allowed them to gain a major strategic advantage over their competitors.

Online Targeted Advertising

However, the way that TV, online and on-demand programmes are presented and paid for is changing fast. Traditional TV advertising models do not necessarily give brands the best return on their investment. That’s why 2020 Media offers clients so many online advertising options where targeting and results can be more effectively monitored.

Branded TV and Advertising Services

  • Branded TV advertising
  • Direct Response TV advertising
  • Re-versioning TV ads for alternative countries
  • Getting advertising clearances for AV scripts and completed commercials
  • Distribution of adverts to broadcasters in different countries
  • TV sponsorship bumpers and idents
  • Liaising with broadcasters over compliance
  • Infomercials and advertorials
  • Branded full length TV programmes
  • Developing branded TV concepts with broadcast compliance experts
  • Online TV advertising
  • Native advertising
  • Sponsored documentaries
  • PPC advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Creating support websites for branded TV or online features
  • Banner advertising
  • Branded content advertising strategies
  • Liaison with media buyers

Branded TV and Advertising videos