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There’s no denying that aerial photography and filming can add a great dimension to your project. But to do this commercially, requires that your drone operator/pilot is assessed, competent and approved. If your drone operator/pilot is not CAA approved then you may be breaking the law by commissioning them.

At 2020, Chris O’Brien (Head of Production) is fully approved by the CAA to carry out commercial photography and film work using our drones, which are both capable of 4K video recording and RAW photographs up to 4000×3000 resolution.

So what’s involved in filming by drone?

There’s strict process that need to be considered before any flight can take place.

1. Research & Pre-site Assessment:

Let us know where and when you want to film. We can then research the location, look for the obvious risks, seek the correct permissions (if required) and spec out the filming site. We’ll consider the insurance requirements for the task too. The CAA rules for drone flying state that we’ll not fly higher than 400ft above ground level or 500m away from the operator and always in line-of-sight. We have to also keep certain distances from the public and crowds which we can discuss when we see your brief. We will document this process and feedback our findings to you.

2. Weather Monitoring:

You can never know what the weather will be like on any chosen day, so we do our best to monitor and assess the conditions right up to the shoot day. Drones have their limitations and the weather plays a big part in their usability. Photographs and filming from a drone will always look great in great sunny and calm conditions, but if it’s raining or too windy then we may not be able to fly. That’s just the rules!

3. On-site Assessment and Brief:

On the day, before we do any flying, we’ll arrive and do a live site assessment of any local risks to identify any items that were not apparent from our initial research. Once we’re satisfied that it’s safe then we’re good to go.

4. The Shoot:

Before the shoot we’ll have either been supplied or created a shot list to work through on the day and at each flight location, we’ll find the safest way to get the image you require. We’ll record and review and move onto the next shot/image when you’re happy with the images.

5. The Golden Rule:

Don’t take risks. We do everything we can to ensure that your shoot will be successful through planning and preparation. We are trained to make good judgements and if we feel it is unsafe to fly, then that has to be respected.


If you would like us to carry out any photography or aerial filming by drone then get in touch to discuss your requirements and budget.


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