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You can’t ignore Live Video Streaming & Virtual Events any more

Even before Coronavirus, businesses have started to reassess how they run motivational, training, collaboration and networking events. Is there really any point wasting employees’ time getting their audiences to one single location? What about the impact on the environment too? Setting up face to face events and the effects on productivity can be costly. Some employees who can’t travel or get away will feel excluded. And many younger employees question why it can’t all be remotely done from the comfort of their work or home office.

And then Coronavirus came along. Even before we know what real impact it will have, businesses across the land are cancelling face to face events and the new dawn of live events via the Internet has rapidly become a no-brainer. This virus looks set to change the way businesses think about onsite events for the foreseeable future- well after the virus becomes history.

2020 Media has been working over many years to take the communicators to audiences via live streaming or virtual events. Events can still be live and audiences from all over the world can easily interact with presenters and amongst themselves in an online virtual environment. There are tools to make the experience more immersive too. These digital experiences can be highly entertaining and open up many more impactful and creative possibilities than people could ever believe. And cost savings can be considerable.

Imagine real time engagement across many sites. It will be easier to get the key company leaders to be present, as well as brand influencers, client representatives, industry thought leaders, storytellers and innovators. Virtual events can redefine the possibilities of influencing  audiences. There’s also no limits on the size of an audience. Video and other interactive presentation content can support live presentations from a number of different locations. Audiences might then be transported via live links to different locations or product and service demonstrations from around the world. What’s more, once the event is over, it can all be recorded online for future viewing.

Virtual events can be as small as one person connecting with a handful of key people in different locations. Or they can be a multi-faceted international event reaching thousands of delegates. Whatever the scale, this is a big step in reducing the carbon footprint of businesses, driving inclusivity and protecting the health of all people involved. It will also save time, costs and interruptions to normal business activity.

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2020 Media International offers a complete package of:

  • live streaming

  • creative video, animation and presentation content

  • immersive 360 environments

  • developing and hosting event microsites

  • virtual events and interactive audience participation

  • online content distribution

For other highly specialised needs, we have a network of partner organisations that we can call in to help.

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